Maestro Tino Andersen started to play the guitar at the age of 12.  In his earlier years, he studied with the late Torbjørn Wiberg, Njål Vindenes and Egil Haugland.  After being admitted to the Norwegian Academy Of Music (Oslo), Tino studied with professor Sven Lundestad for 3 years, subsequently speding 2 years at the Edvard Grieg Academy.   After completion of his baccalaureate degree,  Tino moved to the United Kingdom in order to pursue his Master's degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where he was a part of the soloist class with professor Robert Brightmore. 


Through all those years Tino also studied with composer and guitarist, Gilbert Biberian. Maestro Biberian has been the most influential figure in Tino's musical life. 


After making his debut concert in Bergen in 1997 to rave reviews, Tino went deep into his teaching career and has since been the leading Classical Guitar padagogy figure in the Norwegian scene. Many of the leading young guitarists from Norway today have studied with Tino (Tormund Blikra Vea, Yan Kok, Thomas Heimstad, Thomas Valeur, Nora Gundersen and Lars Rosvoll, just to name a few).  He has been also been a member of the faculty at the School of Art in Bergen and at Langhaugen High School since 1992.


Tino's passion for the instrument and its proliferation led to a one-man effort culminating on the foundation of the Bergen International Guitarfestival in 2004, which has become  a staple in the Scandinavian classical music scene ever since. Artists like Zoran Dukic, David Russell, Duo Assad, Fabio Zanon, Scott Tennant and many more have been featured as guest artists and faculty. Expanding on the success of the Bergen International Guitarfestival, Tino once again expanded the Scandinavian guitar scene by founding the Norwegian Guitar Festival in 2012, where artists such as Lorenzo Michelli, Marcin Dylla, Pablo Marquez, Zoran Dukic and many more have participated as guest artists and faculty. 


In 2014 Tino decided to return to the performing stage and has since played recitals in Tuscany (Italy), the United Kingdom and throughout his native Norway. Such tours have been accompanied by master classes at the Norwegian Academy of Music and at the Trinity School of Music in London, where Tino's time remains in high demand by students and faculty.


Tino has played guitars made by famed British lutheir Michael Gee since 1990, but in 2013 he acquired an instrument built by the great Daniel Friedrich. "Tino can never decide which one he prefers".

Tino Andersen is also an Augustine Sponsored Artist.

Candido D. Pinto, Ph.D.


Agustín Barrios Mangoré - Una Limosna Por El Amor de Dios

Mye er sagt og skal bli sagt om kunstnere - også om Tino Andersen
(Much has been said and will be said about artists - also about Tino Andersen)


Tino Andersen has been offering a wide range of musical services including teaching, concertizing, professional recording sessions, and so much more. With years of experience as a Classical Guitarist, you can count on Tino Andersen with all of your musical needs. Feel free to get in touch and read on to learn more about his musical art.

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"The whole of Norwegian guitar scene is very much indebted to Tino Andersen. Bursting with enthusiasm and dedication, he educated generations of young guitar players, instilled love and joy for music into them, distilled real talent and set it on the right path. And his recent CD is a clear testimony to his profound musical taste and sheer elegance in his approach to the art of music."

Zoran Dukić

"Dear Tino,
what a beautiful recording you made! I finally had the time to listen to it carefully, and enjoyed every bit of it - from Llobet to Barrios, but most of all the Escarraman. I think you have a beautiful rendition of one of Tedesco's most complex pieces. Bravo, my friend!
A presto,"

Lorenzo Micheli

"I've known Tino for over 30 years and am happy to call him my friend. As a teacher he is inspirational and his students are a testament to his dedication and his teaching method. I've witnessed many great concert artists after visiting Bergen asking the question..how does he do it!! . Tino is also a fantastic performer, great and intelligent musician as his recordings prove. I look forward to the next 30 years."

Michael Gee

"Tino Andersen, first and foremost, is a first-class musician and guitarist. He a shining light and a breath of fresh air all in one: he brings an arresting commitment to his playing and interpretations. His devotion to teaching young guitarists, and his unequalled success with them.  His legacy will be felt a long time in the annals of the guitar and of music in Norway."

Gilbert Biberian

"What I like most about Tino and his education is his flexibility and understanding to the students he has. All his students are different and it shows his unique ability to adapt to the student's needs, skills and personality."

Ho Yan Kok - Masterstudent i Køln, vinner av flere førstepriser Upsala internationella young talents 2015 og Hong Kong guitar competition

"Thank you Tino for helping me learn to play the guitar!  I learned the importance of holding the  wrist in your right hand correctly and the thumb in the left, and many other things about technique and music, but most of all, you taught me to sing. That every line of one player on the instrument has to sing and go for the human spirit. You did this with humor and natural authority, which made me always happy with you. I have to add that after many years of music studies I have not met many who get their guitarist to sing with the same sound as your students do.


I also learned that one has to work hard to get well and I think that I received many text messages with encouragement. Most were Just like this: "Did you practice?!?!" It did not need enough answers, though "yes" so "good," about "no" so "drills." I wish I had spared enough of the messages, they were very inspiring and meaningful and showed how much you cared about your students.  When I'm listening to your CD, I'm very happy, but am not surprised, as you always said, "that you live just as you learn." The guitar is singing and there is one musicality about the whole of energy, just as I keep learning from time to time with you. "

Lars Rosvoll



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